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What do I say? There are 8 Ivy League universities. We copped six of them this year....and what a tally we had!

  • Harvard - Marion Cole

  • UPenn Vikram Kemlani, Liam Neath, Justine Murray

  • Brown Keren Alfred

  • Cornell Kai Walcott, Justine Murray

  • Columbia Liam Neath

  • Princeton Liam Neath

How do we say thanks to a great class/

And then we had the Hurrah moments:

Julia Foote - Duke, Georgetown, Pomona, UCLA: Berkeley

Keren Alfred - UNC-Chapel Hill, Pomona, Amherst

Shanique Bailey - Amherst, Vassar, NYU

Liam Neath - Stanford, Colgate

Sheraine Peart - Ringling School of Design

Melody Shum - WPI

Athena Phillips - University of Miami/WPI

Allison McHayle - WPI, LAfayette, Dickinson, GW

Trish-Ann Gillings - Emory, Univof South Florida, FIT, Northeastern, Boston College, Ithaca

Delroy Fong - George Washington

Denique Dennis - FIU/UWI

Theon Masters - Macalester,, Northeastern, Drew, Presbyterian

Kelly Powell - Boston College

Alex Gooden - WPI

Richelle Newby - Purdue / Stevens Institute of Technology

Dominic Shoucair - George Washington

Kristen Bingham - Howard, Nova Southeastern, Truman State, Adelphi

Bianca Lee - Univ of Tampa

Jordana Palmer - American University, Sarah Lawrence, Kalamazoo, Earlham, Univ of Pittsburgh

Aleique Allen - Penn State, Mercyhurst, WPI, Norwich University

Rochelle Walcott - Ithaca, UWI

What can I say? Such a shellacking and more to come......Guys, you have made your old teacher proud!!!!

Boarding Schools

Jordan Lowe - Fryeburg, Fountain Valley

Law Schools

David Brown - Rutgers University, University of Miami, University of Florida, Univ. of Illinois

Students, I am inviting you for a selfie photo, so we can unleash not FORTIS, not Rabalac, not Fortes, but Versan power throughout the media houses. I think this Saturday, put on your best for the photo we write our articles and do an early breakfast for you all, listen out for that call.

As for the SSAT meeting held on Sunday, it was a great affair. We have also sent out details to those who could not make it. As far as I am concerned, it is visa time, financial aid review time, and all other plans on board. And the SAT crew, yes, we did it. For those who missed the meeting, we have the hand-outs, so stop by and pick up.

Do not forget this date: May 25. Put on all parent calendars. 5-8. Formal affair. Mona Visitor's Lodge.

This Wednesday was a pleasure to many juicy details, happy faces, great scholarships and a wonderful outcome for hardworking students.

See you all next week.

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