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So there has been a relapse. But honestly, I could have made Wednesday. My computer failed me at home. In addition, I had left a list of the acceptances on my office desk. But I must say, the first of the acceptances for the US boarding schools has rolled in. And I must add, the whopping scholarships are in tow. Hey, do I mind if a family has to pay a mere 8000, 1000 or 2000? Nah!!!! So to the spoils, Jada Prendergast (Campion) who made a wonderful scholarship toWasatch Academy as well as Rochelle Johnson of (Immaculate) who tripled her offer toHavergal. Again, congrats! Shanique Bailey got into University of Toronto and Kathy Ip made Carleton University in Canada. Both girls attend Havergal. To Trish-Ann Gillings at Hillel, we salute her for Northeastern University andUniversity of South Florida. And my namesake from Glenmuir High, Sherice Bramwell who made Ithaca University, University of South Florida and Florida Southern...yippee!! Shemar Yap (formerly of Campion and now The McDuffie School in Massachusetts) has made it into Rochester Institute of Technology. And I am sitting on the volcano waiting to erupt...March 10th decisions from most of the American boarding schools. BOARDING SCHOOLS To Rebecca Hugh and the storm in Virginia, congrats on being nominated Prefect..and a member of the Softball team. So St. Margaret's has benefited from one of our finest. To Joshua for making the Honor Roll yet again.... DOMINICA In Dominica, we have to share the spoils. One of our ardent, top-ranked athletes (track and field) through the auspices of Coach Davis of Colgate University (track and field) who visited Dominica upon our referral has enabled Chelsea to enter Essex County Community College as well as Kerael Matthew for Milligan Go Dominica! And did I mention Dejuan who made it into Cheshire Academy.... So Dominica, I hope that earthquake has not had any deleterious effect on my favorite island...I still have not seen the migration of the turtles yet, but I may send one of my earnest students, Christopher Rowe to rein them in (smile).... MATH ASSISTANCE So now we have David Stolper and Mr. Karenga towing the Math classes...and we are establishing a Resource Math center for those who need the one-on-one help from Mr. Morrison. Let us know.

Frome Technical.jpg

Dutiful students ar Frome Technical in Westmoreland...great reception given to our representative Mrs. Russell, hidden in the picture.TO ALL HIGH SCHOOLS VISITEDMerlegrove: You were great. Thanks for all the questions and the mob melee at the end of our presentation. I did think you had a good show on Schools' Challenge Quiz and simply adored the aggression you showed, your tenacity, train the upcoming team in the same vein.Charlemont: Oh, so polite. And well-behaved. Congrats to the Head-Girl, Ashli who scored a much better score on her SAT's, we will be flying jets with her at the control!!!!

Versan's new window dressing: to unravel soon....

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