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Well...well...well..... Richelle Newby did remind me to write the blog on Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. while I am driving to Hanover. Great timing Richelle and hi back to your Mom...I am doing is appearing on Friday and not Saturday as in that of last week. Now this week's blog is commemorating Tiffany Zheng, currently the Head Girl at Heinz Simonitsch (of Samantha J's fame), Montego Bay who received a perfect score in the ACT (36 out of 36), a great harbinger of what is to come as we launch our new ACT classes for this term. Equally, she pulled off a 2270 on her SAT exam. Congratulations, Tiffany! Did you know that Samantha J penned the song "Tight Skirt" while in classes at Heinz Simonitsch? Tiffany said all classmates knew about this song a year before it hit the soundwaves...the ingenuity of our teens...and of course, she made BET! The art of being creative!!!! To one of our law school applicants, we want to say, my, my, my! Young Ms. Gray has been accepted to: University of Washington in St. Louis Law School Cardozo Law School Univ of Georgia Law School Washington and Lee Law School...... By the way, she has a full ride to Cardozo! Mock exams for those sitting the exam on Saturday is 4-9 pm on Friday. Saw a few take the mock Thursday evening. Classes are back in session for the new cohort sitting the exam in May! Yes, I see all the recommendation prompts for all and sundry. Will get to them! It is time for those in Lower Six to start the application process to summer school. Resume enhancer......great going and time to do.... SSAT Congrats Chelsea, you made Purnell in New Jersey! Congratulations!!!! SAT STUDENTS Complete all CSS, FAFSA, International Student Financial Aid Forms now..... Try to register for all SAT exams early. Good luck tomorrow on whichever SAT exam you are doing. Bring tickets, pencils, erasers, snacks, calculator and prayer (smile)...for all last minute people who studied... Do not watch deadlines for apps in February and March, submit forms now... LETTER OF GRATITUDE Ever had an authentic Indian breakfast made by an Indian chef? I mean....real rotis, Indian tea from the foothills of India, coupled Indian style with Jamaican traditional fare with Indian ice-cream? To the chef and the Thakuranis, I am still full and it is 2 p.m. in the afternoon! Thanks again...a most gracious invitation....

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