And we are off and running.....with Zoom and Google classrooms in tow, we managed to not have many hiccups with Joshua's help! Though Joshua is in Jamaica to complete his dental internships, another Versan tip to graduating students...lovely to see how our students stick to the game plan we laid out on our Farewell Ritual Ceremonies...his help has been invaluable in the office!

We have had some excellent aides over the years, making work at Versan effortless. So today we pay homage to all those staff members from summers past who made it worth our while.

Joshua Butcher - Manager Extraordinaire

Ashley Kumst- Protector

Nicholas Foo-Deep Thinker

Pearce Smith-the Apple Guy

Zara Nicholas Williams

Geana Angus-disciplinarian

Kelsey Randall-the sweetheart

Justin Hamilton-the Comedian

Emily Cai -the second Director

Christine Leefatt - Ms. Competent

Sharon Chai-takes no prisoners

All together, these folks made a company seem more than efficient, a well-oiled machine. What is sad is that we cannot seem to recapture that energy with post-employees. So we use this space to salute all these noble beings. What of them?

Joshua is predestined for dental school..

Ashley is now a working mom...

Nicholas is a certified pilot instructor

Pearce is at Hofstra studying Computer Science Engineering

Zara is teaching Mathematics at an elite boarding school

Geana is completing college in Georgia

Kelsey is studying business

Justin is a pilot

Emily is graduating from Clark University soon