THE GRADUATION BUZZ WEDNESDAY BLOG students are graduating in a frenzy and I have so many invitations, but I am afraid Grandma Bramwell can do so much and no more. Congrats, my offsprings and much merriment for a great 4 years of college or years at boarding school or years at law or medical school. The point is you conquered, you finished the race, you delivered. And I say Amen! Congrats, all these pictures are overwhelming, I could only post a few..... Sabria Hector, one of the many, who received one of those "full scholarships" is off to college and it just reminds me how important it is to see the journey. She is starting out and others are completing....the journey. It is not for the swift, the negligent, but the ones who smell the roses, are kind and humane along the way, are dutiful in their approach to duties, assignments, friendships.....and allows time to wonder and create. JUNE 7th FAREWELL What a bangarang of a ceremony. The preparations are coming together. The buzz is on. The boho chic style for dressing is welcomed this year, jeans and a nice top.....we have managed to squeeze in every possible item for discussion. The decor is being handled nicely, the food, the speakers, the booths and their representatives, what a swell day. I look forward. The long goodbyes, the wistfulness....going to miss a few, dying to just throw some on the plane and say, bye! (Emily????) Smile.... But 4 p.m. Do not be late. I start on time, God's willing and it will be an event to remember. Who gets Order of Distinction Steven Woodham's Music House, Immaculate violinists to serenade you...come not miss it. ACCEPTANCES Lamar Chang - New England College (finally!) Janique Simpson - Seton Hall University (Finally!) Boarding Schools Alice Choi - Luther High School STUDENT TRAVEL AGENCY Our subsidiary company has been launched and had its first client last week, a family four. The Versan Student Travel Agency could never have opened any faster. We gave out competitive rates beating many to the punch. So get your rates from seasoned professionals and let us see whether we can beat those prices. Notice new logo on our glass doors. INSURANCE Many of you are seeing some exorbitant prices for insurance on your school's expense sheet. Please see us as we can bring your insurance costs down to under US$1000. STUDENT VISAS I have been preparing students for the embassy. Thanks be to God...all successful....but need I worry? Congrats Kimberly Dixon, Emily Cai, Joshua Hugh, Tianna Yip..... Holiday Office is closed on Monday, May 25. See you next week.

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Versan is dedicated to helping the hard-working student achieve his or her academic goals. We offer one-on-one college consultations - i.e., meetings with both parents and students to discuss school selection, grades, standardized test options, applications, essays, visa applications, scholarships and financial aid, among other elements of the application process. 

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33 Balmoral Avenue,

Kingston 10
Jamaica, BWI

(876)755-2187 ; (876)969-2854; (876)924-2347


Manager: Mrs. Upasana Samtani

Shop 18, Half Moon Village

Montego Bay, Jamaica


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