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Covid struck. Online classes became the standard bearer. We were cautious as to how we would proceed during a pandemic. We held face to face classes then we resorted to Zoom classes. Teachers were elated for fear of the virus. The students continued to adapt.

The disconcerting issue was the cancellation of test centers at the last minute. This reaction derailed the plans of many earnest students who wanted to sit the exam early and give their grades. A pity. Tsk, tsk to Campion and St. Andrew's High School. I also believe Belair belong on that wall of shame.

But we applaud, Priory, AISK, Dinthill and Mount Alvernia for staying the course. To cap it all, one of our Ardennites, Kyle Wright, made the enviable spot of earning a 1540 out of 1600. So happy! It made my year after a disastrous Corona doomed year.

Classes resume on January 9th. We press on. We now know which centers to target. And the best news of all, we have gotten acceptances for:

University of Pennsylvania

University of Miami

Worcester Polytechnic

St Leo's University

So, I believe we will roll out with our successes and make 2021 a stronger finish to a devastating 2020.

Happy New Year!

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