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World Cup & SAT

It is difficult to concentrate on SAT this Saturday, but we must. There are many life lessons to take away from this frenzied World Cup.

I do hope my students take away some of the gems.

Morocco- a minnow that transformed itself into a roaring lion.

Cameroon- no one tells you it is over until the fat lady sings.

USA- I call it grit!

Senegal- resilience and fortitude...

To the established teams such as France, Brazil, Portugal, England, Croatia and Argentina, consistency on rendering the expected results.

Qatar has become a melting pot of cultures. I believe all the anti- Muslim sentiments went on a break when simply cheering on teams.

And SAT? Well, all my students need to deliver a consistently improved performance. They should go out to do their best. Transform yourselves into an academic powerhouse and surprise yourself.

Even after SAT, life goes on, applications must be complete.

Do not forget final mock on Thursday, Wednesday had no takers....pity.

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