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Well, well...our Town Hall Meeting was held to great success and attendance. Parents and students attended, they listened and we got the boat back on course....Why was it being derailed? I not only assumed students were still in a stupor after CAPE, but they were also adrift, with studies...Assignments were done half-heartedly. Applications were shoved to the back burner and the way forward appeared somewhat hazy.....Not anymore!

After Town Hall, the buzz has started. The phones are ringing. Consultations are back on top shelf. Studies, I expect are being dusted off as we speak...Priorities are back in focus. Diaries are being dusted off...teachers are being sought for recommendations, as well as guidance counselors....essay drafts have begun....athletic videos and artistic portfolios, have begun....

You see what one meeting can accomplish? Let us get to it, Versaners...the honeymoon is over!

That also means, Mock exam this weekend, let us see how rusty you all are!

See you next week!

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