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US Online High School Program

The US Online High School Program works well for students who fall between the cracks. One could be bullied. One could have an intense sports program. One could be failing because of large class sizes. One could be on the spectrum and oft overlooked in classes. One could be diagnosed for a special educational plan.

One could have completed Vth Form and decided to complete a US High School program. One earns a transcript and it melds with the local high school transcript. At the end of one's classes, one receives a US high school diploma.

Yes, one can say that the expensive boarding school option could be replaced by the online high school program. Is there a structure to it? Yes, students who enroll in this program will have to be present at our facility from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. One still has to do a sport. No excuses. Books are sent or students can choose to be taught online by a teacher. If they choose the book option, our staff will have to supervise the work being effected. so, think not that this is a free pass.

Oh, one can work through the summer and right throughout the year...outcome? You can finish your academic requirements in less than a year!

The downside? An inability to work independently. Versan oversees, yes, but the student has to complete.

We have a few weeks left in June before the start of the program. Give us a call!


Dear Colleague, Hello from the Oberlin Office of Admissions! We hope this finds you doing well and getting ready to enjoy some downtime this summer. The fifth issue of our counselor newsletter is below. All the best, Ben Jones ‘96 AVP, Admissions Communications Oberlin College & Conservatory

Act One

"Let's do lunch!"

Summer is a great time to visit Oberlin! We’ll be offering campus tours and info sessions all summer long and, to sweeten the deal, we’d also love to take counselors out for a one-on-one conversation with an admissions rep over lunch or coffee. Simply email us at to let us know when you’ll be in town!

Act Two

"Something useful I can forward to my students and/or parents."

This summer, Oberlin will offer three full-day programs for prospective students and families that include tours, panel sessions, and the opportunity to meet staff, students, and faculty. Summer Visit Days will take place on Friday, June 30, Friday, August 4, and Friday, August 11. Learn more about campus visits.

Act Three

"Free stuff!"

Are your walls bare? Or, even worse, are they filled with college posters that all look the same? We’re here to help! If you’d like one of our snazzy hand-drawn posters, just let us know.

Act Four


One of the best Commencement speeches we’ve ever heard! (And we’ve heard many.) Students and families (and counselors!) will love this 2023 Oberlin Commencement address presented by Richard Powers, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Overstory.

Act Five

"A joke."

We asked ChatGPT to write us an Admissions joke and here’s what we got!

Q: Why did the student bring a ladder to her college interview? A: She thought it would help her reach higher education.


Act Six

"Latest stats."

The College of Arts & Sciences received 10,251 applications for the class of 2027 (our second largest pool in history!) and admitted 3,374 students for an overall admit rate of 33%. In our next newsletter, we’ll provide a full class profile, including information from the Conservatory of Music.

Act Seven

Once again — thanks for all you do. If we in Oberlin Admissions can ever help you in any way, please reach out to your regional counselor or to me directly at We hope you have a relaxing, fun, and awesome summer!

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