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Here we go again! Students have prepared for some 12 weeks to sit an exam. They have paid their fees, sent off their applications, only to hear at the eleventh hour - the test center has closed, no exam. Will they be refunded? What chance have they got to showcase their efforts? Especially the students who chose St. Andrew's High School have been summarily dismissed a third time! Priory has rescheduled from this Saturday to December 19th. I strongly advise my students to contact the College Board at 2127137789 to confirm the rescheduling details. This is Covid Year and all strange permutations are taking place. We have to go with the flow, but oh, what a disaster, the unpredictability of it all.

Though it seems many are not going to have a final exam on the 5th of December, it is clear that we must proceed with a level of normalcy as if you will still have it on the postponed date.


Have your ID's ready.

Take exam ticket with you.


#2 Pencils

Good eraser


(Cellphones and bookbags must be placed far away from you in exam room)

Keep your eyes on the clock and set your watches accordingly

Do not look around room or on someone else's paper

Need a question asked, raise your hand and keep your eyes on proctor

Be cool, calm and collected. Dance or sing if you must. Say a prayer.

These tips are for whenever you sit the exam.

Those of you applying to schools in the South, please note that the march exam will still be available and due. So happy for the Test Optional clause!

Keep on studying, guys. From these mock exams, a teachable moment!

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