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In 26 years of consulting, I see the vagaries of college applications and the arduous process. It is safe to say, a labyrinthine process, not for the fainthearted. Today we were honoured to have Ms. Alejandra Campos talking with our students about the College Essay process. She also discussed a few points about the college application. Those present learnt a lot. Is it fair to say one does, when one shows up? Absolutely. Being present in the moment carries a ton of weight.

What will I take away without besmirching the event for all the conscious individuals who made time to show up? This!

Write with heart and passion when doing essays.

Avoid static language, ergo, impress with vocabulary but mean what you say.

Center the personal essay on you. Let the tone of the essay reek of you, no one else.

Watch grammar! Again, watch grammar. Imagine I have been stressing grammar,spelling and punctuation! (The

Some were lucky to have had their essays read and critiqued. I guess I am here for that during consultations. I have seen many of my edited essays land scholarship acceptances at many colleges across the United States. When I read good essays, I am floored if it "sucker-punches" me in the guts. We know when we read that we have hit gold. So for those shopping around to read other essays, classic waste of time. Go within yourselves and pull out.....

Do remember we are completing all apps by September 30. Get a move on guys....

As for the rest of her presentation, well, you should have been there! Read the blog, watch the Whatsapp and learn to show up or miss it all...




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