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East Hampton is a wealthy section of real estate in New York. Many billionaires and gazillionaires own enviable real estate properties on those Eastern shores. It came as quite the surprise when we heard The Ross School would be visiting our shores this week. This would be their first visit to Jamaica. Not the first that we have had a Versan student attend the Ross School. In fact, we have had two boys attend this noble institution.

What did we like about the school when I visited? Their phenomenal library, student center, tennis program, location, dorms...I could go on and on....I was also intrigued by the high academic standards. What was it? An origami like architectural feat with the library structure. It was quite unassuming upon entry through the gates. Once I drove in with my rental, I wondered where was the school? It unraveled as you toured the premises.

Happy to have the Ross School visit Jamaica. We welcome them and hope for many happy returns.


It seems this group is tip-toeing through the tulips. Some lack-luster performances and a few dynamic scores.

This group has suffered from much inactivity and inability to motivate themselves. Others work hard, many faltered on completing assignments, classwork and homework. We hope for the best in December.

What to do? Practice, Practice, Practice. If one fails to prepare, prepare to fail.


I believe many are on their merry way to college application burn-out. Most essays are done, financial aid forms completed, teacher recommendations and counselor reports fully executed. We applaud our students for keeping up with those demands...what we cannot seemingly get them to do is study harder. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


This past weekend I had much fun in Montego Bay with the students, motivating and chatting about everything concerning applications. A good crop of students. I do wish them all well.

See you next week.


Hi Sandra, Caldwell University is excited to announced the “Caldwell Commitment”, program dedicated to providing scholarship and grant funding to more students entering the University beginning in 2022. Caldwell is offering full tuition to New Jersey resident students who receive both a Federal Pell Grant and the New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) and have at least a 3.0 high school GPA. The Federal Pell Grant program awards need-based grants to low-income undergraduate students. TAG is a need-based financial aid program for full-time undergraduate students who reside in New Jersey and are enrolled in an approved degree or certificate program. Additionally, the University is implementing a transparent scholarship model awarding scholarships based on levels of academic achievement for students regardless of where they reside or grant eligibility. A sliding scale based on academic achievement is available on the University’s website. There will be no SAT or ACT requirement for these scholarships. Students who want to take advantage of the Caldwell Commitment are urged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid known as FAFSA no later than February 1, 2022 in order to determine eligibility. Students may go to to complete the FAFSA.

For students who are not eligible for the program, Caldwell University provides other generous financial aid packages with significant need-based assistance in addition to the merit scholarship program to help make a university education affordable. To find out more, contact the Caldwell University Admissions Office at Jan Marco Jiras Director, Undergraduate Admissions


Dear Sandra, Thank you for encouraging your students to consider the University of Chicago. We appreciate the hard work and care you have put into supporting your students and hope you will soon have a moment to relax! At this time, we are confident that we have processed application materials sent by our early deadlines. As a result, we have added a checklist to our early applicants’ “UChicago Accounts” to let them see which materials have been received and which are still missing. On Tuesday, November 16, we will e-mail these students to let them know about the checklist. If anything is missing, don’t worry! Early applicants still have time to submit any missing materials without penalty. We hope to receive these materials by 5 p.m. CST on Tuesday, November 23. If your students are missing any school forms, you are welcome to submit (or re-submit) these documents through the Common App or Coalition Application. We will also accept materials by email. Our email address for materials is Direct upload through the Common App or Coalition Application is the preferred method of submission for any materials that may contain sensitive personal data. We also accept materials via paper mail or fax. Please note that while we are making every effort to process application material as quickly and accurately as possible, our processing time on mailed or faxed materials can be 1-2 weeks longer than emailed or uploaded documents, which are typically processed within one to two business days. Our material fax line is 773.702.0661, and our mailing address for materials is: The Office of College Admissions 1101 E. 58th Street Rosenwald 005 Chicago, IL 60637 We encourage you to include the student’s name, email address, the CEEB code of their high school, and any other information that will help us match documents received through fax, email, or the mail with the rest of their application. UChicago is also using to share application materials checklists for students from your school. You may also submit copies of any materials listed as "missing" directly through and they will be directly uploaded to students’ applications. Creating a account is absolutely free. Go online to the Register page of to get started. You can sign in directly using your Google Apps / G Suite school account, Facebook, or even LinkedIn! If you choose to create an account using a social login, you do not have to fill out the registration form. You will need to set your organization when you log into Enter a First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number. The Institution Name field uses auto-suggest, so you can easily search for your school. Account verification can be handled by any colleague at your institution who has an active account. If no other active accounts exist, the verification process will be handled by Technolutions. We recommend using your work email address in order to expedite the verification process. You will only be able to view checklists for students for whom you are listed as a primary counselor on the Common or Coalition application, which we know may not reflect all applicants from your school. Please feel free to share these account creation instructions with other counselors in your school community who may wish to review student checklists or contact us if you have any additional questions! We hope this information helps you stay in the loop with your students! We appreciate your partnership in the college admissions process. As always, please feel free to reach out to your regional admissions counselor, Alejandra Campos, at with any questions you may have. We look forward to reading your students’ applications!


Jim Nondorf Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid The University of Chicago


Fall 2022 Priority Application Date

2022 Undergraduate Application Is Open!

It’s time to take the next big step in your educational journey. Rutgers-Newark has a variety of academic programs, student resources, and a diverse campus community to support your college success and career goals. Join us for a campus tour, virtual admissions events, and much more.

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