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So many students who came home for Christmas and are headed back to university/school/college, whether it be the USA, Canada or the UK....must present a negative Covid test before embarking on the airplane. If one tests positive, one will be grounded in Jamaica until a negative test presents itself.

The going rate as told us by one of our trustworthy parents is $JMD 20,000 per test. Oh dear!

I will cite a few test centers for those who need a list of places to go to:


Sure Time

St. Andrews Memorial

There are other places. Listen to Nationwide News Network for further details.

Living with Covid, an ordeal!


I am so happy to see some of our hardworking students make the cut to be in that elite group of the 1500's on the SAT. We applaud Ardennite, Kyle Wright and Kayla Moss Solomon from Wolmer's Girls.

I distinctly remember Kayla saying when she first came to Versan that she always got stuck in the 1400 score range and oh, what could she do? I was happy to have her in my class. I saw all the work she put in. Especially on the Critical Reading area. She saw the light, used our technique and pulled off extra points that landed her in this group of high scorers. Proud thus far....


Classes started on January 9th. Enrollment is still open as students are trying to get the March exam underway. Please note that by the end of the month, everyone should register for the March exam. For which test centers? Priory, AISK. We can bank on those.

Students who have trouble registering, come and see us for assistance.


Consultations will no longer be JMD$5000 per session. We are now as of today, increasing the fee to $JMD 6000.

See you next week.

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