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My parents and students, we can breathe a bit now and prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For all other religions, I say Happy Holidays.

But breathe, for just a bit. The busyness of this waiting period is answering questions or sending in missing items. Indulge them..

If students see a laundry list sent to their emails stating items missing, e.g. the transcript....check your Commonapp. If you look at your Counselor's name and see Submitted beside the Counselor's Report.....that means the school has received but not classified and acknowledged yet. Patience.

Should there be items that you know are not yet submitted, do hasten to get those documents to the schools asap!

The hunt is on....exams done, finaid completed, sports videos taped, coaches' letters emailed, performing arts portfolios we hunt for scholarships.

In the chat room, I extended two resources. Again, I will extend a third on Wednesday. Delve deeply and search for what you can find. As Jamaicans say, "every Mickle makes a Muckle." Or "one one coco full basket." Happy Hunting.


Yes, we do have a few students who have already received acceptance letters. We are collating the lists. Watch this page for further announcements.


Versan says cease-fire. Equally, in Jamaica, we say Cease firing on our citizens!

See you next week.

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