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Summer Enrollment

It has begun. The phone calls, the interest for enrollment to colleges and boarding schools for next year. We are cautious as we try to assist families during the process.

One of my favorite stories that I share today was from a parent with a deaf child. By calling Versan, I am sure she was unaware that we have assisted the blind and deaf students in the past. Coming to us, the family had already been accepted to an institution in the West costing some US$48000 annually. We were able to find a more cost effective option cutting expenses from $48000 down to $10000. Effective consulting. Keeping costs down.

Cutting Costs

This is the way to go. Community colleges will save lots of money. During this pandemic I hope many go this route minimizing the spiraling costs of a 4 year program. Just something to look at.

There are many ways to cut costs when in college. Important to review those options with us...

As summer enrollment gets underway....get in early and hold your space.



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