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RESULTS...Say What?

Oh dear, I swear....with the results for CAPE and CSEC and SAT out, we noticed all these catatonic withdrawals...I suspect those who did poorly withdrew to the catacombs, not to be heard from....In my Sunday class, one could hear a pin drop. My assignment had not been completed by many. I suspect many think that you can simply study overnight for SAT and achieve a whopping score. In my 26 years of teaching, hardly!

So I do not foresee the spectrum swinging for this group to higher scores, because the work is not being done assiduously. Could it be the blitzkrieg of news on the telly that is simply mesmerizing our youths into doing nothing? This weekend of news was so terrifying, it could explain the sense of lassitude in the kids...from abductions to human sacrifices and cults.....But then, wouldn't one study even harder to get out? The logic does not add up.

On to brighter days.....


Oh yes, these are rolling in and will continue to do so as students turn in applications, complete financial aid forms, have transcripts sent and teacher recommendations completed...

Christen Phillips - St. Thomas University

Barry University

Briston Williams University of Southern Mississippi


The smorgasbord of CAPE results....kudos to Matthew Sinclair, Kaif Bailey, Victoria Lewis, Victoria Keane and all the many other names I have failed to add....congratulations. Despite Covid, you prevailed. All those dreary Zoom classes, you prevailed.

And then we go on to October SAT results, quite a few 1400's and 1500's, all stellar results. Congrats to Kaif Bailey, Matthew Sinclair, Yendi Foo and all others whose names I failed to add, a big Yahoo!!! You did it...All those practice tests, going over answers, pushing yourselves to the limit...this is the taste of success. Good job!


November 18 and 19th, we have the Boarding School Fair where US and Canadian schools visit Jamaica and interview our 8-16 year olds for admission places in their schools overseas. It is time to focus our minds on giving them a warm Jamaican welcome....

Do not forget the notices below! See you next week.


Marvel at our tower of knowledge power.

Reed students spend their final semester of their final year producing knowledge in the form of a senior thesis. The journey to create it, while closely guided by a faculty adviser, is an intense, methodical, and hugely rewarding adventure. And when the dust settles, every student’s thesis takes its place in academic discourse and scholarly history—printed, bound, and permanently added to the library’s collection. What did Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, writer and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich, and NASA CFO Elizabeth Robinson write about? These and many other theses await you inside the knowledge-lined walls of our Reed thesis tower.


Dear Sandra,

Hear why these first-year students chose The Cooper Union.


The College Tour visits Columbia College Chicago

We’ve got some very exciting news to share, Sandra!

Columbia now has an episode on The College Tour, a TV series streaming on Amazon Prime* that provides an inside look into college campuses around the country. Even better? This 34-minute episode is led entirely by Columbia students.

Follow along as these incredible humans take you on a journey through everything that makes our college so uniquely Columbia. Consider this a glimpse into what your students’ lives could be like as creatives here, living and learning in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Watch the full episode and explore each segment at the link below, and feel free to share this widely with your students as well. We think you’re going to love it, and we hope some of your students will be adding Columbia College Chicago to their list!

Happy watching!Watch Now!

*Columbia’s episode will be available to stream on Amazon Prime starting in February 2022.

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