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OK, I see that many do not read the blog. But interestingly enough, I had to use all the attachments to the blog for a consultation today on summer school options. Now, I will not name names....but it seems if one dutifully read the blog, one would know how many summer school options existed.

Even though we have Covid and its pandemic raging, technology has US and Canadian schools, even schools in China, Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany invite me to fairs to get to know more about their schools. It felt as if I had taken a trip to one of my national conferences and visited booths...picking up paraphernalia to give students here in Jamaica.

I have always warned students to practice due diligence. Watch the postings, follow up, be ahead of the information by doing the work. In college, boarding school or a graduate school program, information will come at our students from every angle. Learn to process from now, by biting off a bit every day and digesting it. We are just preparing you for that big, academic world ahead.


Joseph Davis - Berklee College of Music

Yendi Foo - Johns Hopkins International Student Program

Caitlin Kumst - Cushing Academy

Alex Cephas - Wilbraham and Monson

Trevor Brown Berkshire School

Ms. Singh - St. Andrew's

Jose Crespo - West Nottingham School

Shemar Phillips - FIU

Shamarric - St. John's University

Justin Mitchell - University of South Florida

and we listen out for all the other great oaks falling so we can spread the good news.

Another SAT exam executed. Heard it was difficult....Hmmm.... What next?

1) Complete all applications...

2) Set a meeting with office to discuss plans

3) For those who have decided on the school they are going plans re scholarships, loans and actions moving forward

4) Upon receipt of 1-20 form, for US bound students, it is time for embassy preparation...

We would have had a Zoom seminar but one heeded the call. your notices!








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