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SO LAST WEEKEND WAS THE BIG MILESTONE MARKER, A TEST FOR EVERY GROUP. A FEW WEEKS BEFORE THE REAL EXAMS....What do we discover? Technology can mask indolent students, but not totally.

Several profiles rose to the surface:

There was the elite group of superfast females who dogged the exam and finished a 3 hour exam in 2 hours by superacing the game.

There was a B group who did not fare badly but who still has a lot more work to do to get there. More Magoosh and practice required.

There were the cheaters who had somehow found this test before done it and wanted to be passed over as "smart"

Then there were the shirkers who hide behind technology, appear to do the test, never do assignments and certainly did not turn in the test when asked. Slow track to self-destructive behaviours....

Then there are those who try really hard, despite learning differences and managed to eke a pass. Who are our heroes?

In sum total. honest labour bears true face and valorizes one's efforts. We do have a few stars. They will do phenomenally well, given any exam they sit. I just hope they get their applications in on time and do it all as flawlessly as they have set out to thrill, not just me, but themselves.


I see that many now understand the term and are doing their sessions. I think we might just make our deadlines after all. Good going Versaners....I see the Mobay crew this Thursday, providing there are no more tropical storms....Stay dry!

Keep doing your assignments and the studying never stops.

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