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This week, I received so many calls from students needing graduate school assistance. Why? Versan's name is synonymous with SAT, not SSAT, nor GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT...What do all these acronyms mean? For the uninitiated:

GRE: is for the person pursuing a Master's degree in any field unrelated to Business.related study of Business.

LSAT: for Law School admission

MCAT: for Medical School admission.

GMAT: Master's in Business and PhD.

Just as we do consultations for colleges and universities, so do we render the same service to those attending graduate programs. We are overwhelmed by those who sayI had no idea anyone did this in Jamaica. Google, anyone? 26 years of it. In fact I just sat in on one of my PhD candidates presenting her Orals for her PhD. She passed. So graduate advising is not obsolete, not arcane, Version is quite in with it!

Benefit from the slashed prices as these courses used to be far more expensive than those being offered now. Run with it, the prices have been Covid slashed, make use of that.


Versan introduced SSAT advising to the island of Dominica a few years ago. We were happy to see that the entire cohort graduated from their respective boarding schools and made it to reputable universities with funding. When we assisted their director in setting up office and consulting, they have gone a far way and done tremendously well. Congrats to them and do check them out on Facebook under Marigot Development Company...we do see them as our legacy on an island.




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