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So many students are returning to the US and Canada. It is time to do the Covid Negative test before boarding flights. At least on the 26th of January and thereafter. It is not required before that date.

Last week, we mentioned that there were several places to go to do that. The Canadian Embassy also issued its centers as well. Here they are:

MicroLabs Jamaica

Cardigan Laboratory

Caledonia Medical

We want to thank Mrs. Chai for keeping us informed on matters that concern our students. Mrs. Chai is a past parent of three children who used our services. Her notable twins are completing their doctorates at Stanford and MIT, respectively (Lauren and Elaina Chai)...Heard from them over the

Remember 72 hours before traveling.


It is time to complete these forms. If you are a Caribbean national, you should complete the school's financial aid forms, CSS Profile (if required), the International Student Financial Aid forms, the Certificate of Finances.


So in rolls a few more acceptances:

Ms. Bennett at Immaculate scored with Virginia Commonwealth University.

Amelia got Bryant University!

How many of you saw the article in the Gleaner about the Ardenne graduate of Embry Riddle? He is our own Versan student....We are making strides...

See you next week.


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