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And the results are out……

So last Friday, I missed so many consultations as I was dealing with the outpouring of SAT results. Good news, no one failed. Highest score 1550, lowest 810. What do I know in evaluating scores? Math and Reading Comprehension are sore points.

That is a cautionary lesson too many who refuse to read widely and practice drills.

Another cautionary tale, many of the scores did not deviate from the mock exam scores.

Well, the downside is many October test-takers are rushing to do the December test, their final attempt. So hurry and book your test.


Yes, I am guilty. So, I do admire those students who do not let me out of their sight. They text, email or call so I can ultimately meet with them. Bravo!


So we kicked off the first round of financial aid workshops last Sunday for the Americans in our group. I believe that went supremely well.

On Monday night, perhaps the holiday blitz, we did not get to meet for the SSAT group’s financial aid seminar. However, a hypothetical case of a form was sent to their emails, so I guess they can get started…

This Sunday at 5, the SAT group meets for the CSS Profile workshop. Try not to miss that, notebooks and all.


I know school along with SAT is challenging but do use the art of time management effectively. That is why you have diaries and blocked time. Trust me, I am no paragon of virtue with my missed consultations.


For those who are resitting in December, do not think for one minute you are to hold back your applications, send them off.


Just one school to be selected if doing that. As for test optional, remember without SAT, your CSEC and CAPE have to be top notch!


You should be rolling along smoothly with your applications, transcripts, references, essays and financial aid paperwork.


The group that vaporizes and beset by technical glitches online. I worry about you. However, this is the season of interviews, so book your appointments. I believe there is a fair at The Pegasus Hotel in November, so early interviews do warm you up for that grand finale.

Online, first week of November we will host a slew of schools. They will be addressing Wolmer’s Girls and Boys but feel free to join and meet a few schools that you had not heard about.


To the counselors and advocates who help our students,

The Storyboard celebrates the successes, accomplishments, and personalities of the Columbia College Chicago community. And we could all use some extra inspiration right now. Great stories start at Columbia.

Goggins MFA ’18, a writer and violence prevention advocate, says getting her degree at Columbia was a choice that put her on a path back to herself. “You’re instantly kind of disregarded in this field [violence prevention] as a woman,” she says. “I don’t think our input is talked about enough.”Dance Center Alum Choreographs Art on theMART Project That Features Fellow Alum

Hannah Santistevan ’16 provided movement direction and choreography for the dance film Love Letters by Chicago-based artist Yuge Zhou. Rebecca Huang ’17 performed as one of the film’s dancers.Fannie May Teams Up with Katelyn McManis ’22 for Newest Collection Celebrating Chicago

“Katelyn’s artwork was selected for her use of playful patterns and bold colors in her illustrations. She found inspiration for her idyllic depiction of Chicago in the feeling of joy spent together with friends and family in Chicagoland,” says Rick Fossali, VP and general manager at Fannie May Confections Brands. NPR Interviews Yonty Friesem on Media Literacy—And the New Law He Just Helped Pass About It

On the heels of recently helping pass a bill that requires media literacy to be taught in Illinois high schools, Columbia's own associate professor Yonty Friesem was interviewed by NPR about why media literacy is needed.Marvel’s Ironheart Filming in Chicago This Month with Episodes Directed by Former Student

Sam Bailey’s star has taken off since her Primetime Emmy nomination for the web series Brown Girls, which she created with poet Fatimah Asghar in her hometown of Chicago.


Dear Sandra, Admission season is here! Suffolk University’s Office of Undergraduate Admission would like to thank you for all that you do for your students throughout the application process. In an effort to support your applicants, we’d like to share more about Suffolk’s many avenues to admission, including:

  • Honors: All applicants are automatically considered for Suffolk's Honors Program, in which top scholars take their academics to a higher level.

  • SU Advantage: This bridge program provides academic support and coaching to freshmen who fall below our average admission requirements, but still show the ability to succeed as a Suffolk student.

  • INTO Pathways for International Students: INTO Suffolk Pathway programs blend academic preparation and intensive English language training to equip students for the rigors of a Suffolk University degree program. These are programs designed to ease international students’ transition to a new country and educational system, improve their English skills, and help them fulfill certain academic coursework requirements for their intended major or degree program.

As a reminder, Suffolk University is test-optional for domestic students, and test-flexible for international students. For students who decide to submit test scores, please let them know Suffolk can accept self-reported SAT and ACT scores. We also have a new library of on-demand video content to help your students through the admission and financial aid process.

We are proud to advance Suffolk’s tradition of offering access and opportunity to all who show academic promise, and we hope to welcome many of your students in the future. If you would like additional information on any of these programs, please email the Office of Undergraduate Admission. We look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming academic year! Sincerely, Lark Krajeski Director of Undergraduate Admission Suffolk University P.S. Our last Open House this fall is Sunday, October 23. If your students haven't already registered, they can do so here!


Dear Sandra,

As we navigate the angst and excitement of October, I am reaching out with news I hope will brighten your day.

You shared your feedback and we listened. Effective immediately, UNC Asheville now offers Early Action instead of Early Decision for first-year applicants for the Fall 2023 term.

Has your student already submitted an Early Decision application to UNCA? There is nothing needed from you. We've moved those students to Early Action. Those students will still receive their admission decisions on an early timeline without the binding contract.

While some of our print material references Early Decision for this cycle, our decision plans have been updated on the Common Application and with CFNC. Of course, we will also share this information with your students.

Please know we appreciate your advocacy regarding this change and we look forward to getting to know your students in the weeks and months ahead. As always, let our team know if there is anything we can do to support you.


Kortni R. Campbell

Vice Chancellor of Admission & Financial Aid

UNC Asheville


Greetings from Bentley University! Our “Admission 101: Guiding you through the College Admission Process” series continues with information on helping your students understand the ins and outs of financial aid. College is a major financial commitment. Fortunately, there are many different types of financial aid available to help pay for higher education — provided you know where to look. We talked to the experts on our admission team to get their top tips for solving the often intimidating process that is applying for financial aid. Check it out today! In addition, Bentley is offering a webinar series that focuses on the financial aid application process. These hour-long webinars cover topics such as starting the process, the required information for completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms, and understanding the details of your award. Our first webinar has already passed, but you can view the recording on our fall events page. Our second webinar will take place at the end of November – watch your email for an invitation! We hope this information, and our entire Admission 101 series, gives you another tool for helping your students’ college search stay on schedule. Thank you for all you do.

Donna M. Kendall Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Undergraduate Admission


Dear Colleague:

The Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College at Boston University is looking for students with demonstrated academic achievement, the potential to produce creative and original work, and a willingness to explore and experiment with a broad range of disciplines.

Kilachand Honors College is dedicated to offering a challenging education grounded in critical and creative thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving. The curriculum allows students to explore global, social, corporate, and geopolitical challenges over the course of the program.

  • Kilachand Honors College offers a supportive living-learning community that provides a highly personal, individual atmosphere similar to that of a small liberal arts college but with the resources and intellectual depth of a major urban research university.

  • Kilachand Honors College students are enrolled in one of Boston University’s undergraduate degree-granting schools and colleges where they pursue the major of their choice, in addition to Kilachand Honors College courses. Majors range from biomedical engineering to music, human physiology to marketing, film & television to international relations, and physics to literature. Kilachand provides students a primary pathway through the BU Hub, Boston University’s innovative general education program.

  • Kilachand Honors College students are excellent thinkers with strong high school records, diverse backgrounds, and a range of intellectual interests. We are looking for imaginative, engaged students who love learning, want to explore a variety of disciplines, and wish to learn and grow outside the classroom to develop real-world solutions to a wide range of challenges.

I encourage you to visit the Kilachand Honors College website, where you can explore course offerings and learn more about Kilachand Honors College faculty and students.

My colleagues and I look forward to meeting your students.


John C. McEachern Director of Admissions


Hi Sandra,

I’m Joanne Germano, and I’m your UMass Lowell admissions counselor. I’m reaching out to let you know that I am available to help you, your students and their families or guardians before, during and after the admissions process.

We have plenty of resources available to support you. Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions!

Hope to hear from you, Joanne Germano Associate Director, West Coast Recruitment

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