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It is ThanksgivingMadness

As Americans prepare for a COVID 19 Thanksgiving and all its weirdness, here comes SAT banishing the waitlist protocol. Why? At the last hour?

One of the good things is having assisted students over 25 years by seeing students graduate into good schools. You know what schools are looking for and at!

The good news is that Test Optional outlet will help many this year.

Just because this protocol was removed at the last hour should not scare many. Their applications should still go in, recommendations, resume, counselor report, essays. Just ensure you have some well-written recommendations. Also send a note to your schools that you had originally chosen SAT as a measurement bar, but now you rescind the order and you are going test optional. Make the switch and safe-guard your applications and decisions.

What are the disadvantages? If you have a weak transcript and weak academic profile...for example, the CSEC and CAPE results are bad, recommendations are flimsy and you do not present well on paper, no activities, no leadership roles...well Test Optional could go against you.

However, there is the March exam. Which one can roll over to....for schools with rolling admission. There are tons of those schools especially in the South.

Unfortunately, those with excellent grades will have to resort to Test Optional as most of their schools have deadlines in Dec/Jan and having been ruled out of the exam, you have to use those wonderful local is still a win-win! Just tweak those essays....


When we attach colleges for your review to each blog every week, we do hope you read them and familiarize yourselves with the schools. They do spend tons of money to market their schools. We do not add them for fun. It is a part of the Versan approach. We whet your appetite, ignite the bulb and hope you have the courage to conduct independent research.


Sign up for your exams at the office. The days run from November 30 to December 4th. Call 7552187 and set your date. Can be done mornings or evenings.


This weekend is our last class before the mock exams. Do try to complete your assignments.

I know not many have completed at least 3 SAT books, a pity!

See you next week.




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