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I am smirking at the recent outbursts made by students about the test optional policy. I was amazed that many students thought that it would weigh against them in a bizarre manner. So wrong!

Covid 19 is a dreadful pandemic. But, it comes with hidden advantages. Here is the best one: you do not have to sit through a crowded exam center, nerve-wracked, pay some US$100 for an exam and await a result ten days after sitting an exam.

COVID 19 and test optionals are a good see, they will use your CAPE results, hopefully, those are great. Weigh the contents of your transcript, your teacher recommendations, your counselor recommendations and the overall view of your applications.

What is the negative aspect, then? Only if all those items listed above are poorly represented. If they are, sign up for the next SAT exam and have a spanking showing of top notch grades!

Test optionals, granted solely because of the upheavals to the educational system and SAT testing, have waived exams for the year 2020-21. Students leaving in 2022 with a vaccine on the way may not be so lucky.

So stop being scaredy pants, and grab the opportunity. Of course, those caught in the fracas of bad results from CAPE and CSEC, well, see you in class....


I see you coming along nicely, so Mrs. Samtani tells me. That is a good report. I am expecting tremendous results. I hope the applications are doing well and you are all underway.

Kudos to your teachers.


Nice transition made. After a few hiccups, love the interest shown and attention to details.


To our SSAT group in Dominica, we hope a center becomes available soon. We hear St. Lucia may not be available. What about Barbados?

See you all next week.



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