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Age of Technology

It seems that we are three weeks away from the SAT exam, four weeks away from SSAT and a few weeks away for LSAT. With the onslaught of Covid, technology now comes front and center.

But what of the personal that coexists with technology? Can we hide behind technology? What about assignments, personal discipline? Integrity? Humility? A lot of students believe this pandemic can permit laziness, shirking of assignments and absenteeism.

We have to use the pandemic to zone in on personal achievements, hard work and the attainment of goals.

We see the hard workers virtually. We sense the hard work. Good fortune awaits those busy bees.


Yes, we are thrilled. End of story.


This period came and went. Now we are in Regular Action. Please complete all applications by Nov 30 and submit. We are not succumbing to the Jan 1 deadline.

See you next week.


Dear Sandra, Despite the challenging times in which we find ourselves, Bryant’s Honors Program continues to attract students who have proven themselves to be exceptional - academically, personally, and professionally. The program places accelerated emphasis on scholarship, service, self-awareness, and success. Initiatives such as the Living and Learning Community and a global outreach requirement, “Moving the Needle on Community Service”, which asks students not only to engage in service, but to create solutions to local and global crises – have all been extremely successful and continue to showcase Bryant University as a frontrunner in quality education. The research published by our seniors are referenced by thousands of reputable academic institutions around the world, making Bryant’s Honors Program the regional epicenter of scholarly pursuit. In addition to campus initiatives, curriculum initiatives like the study abroad partnerships with renowned universities in Ireland, Germany, Scotland, and England, highlight our commitment to intercultural engagement. Students have the opportunity to participate in both study abroad as well as Honors SIE to gain deeper understanding of global issues, cultural and historical perspectives, and innovative contributions made by other global scholars. International learning, mentorship, a stronger emphasis on research and writing, institutional support, and physical spaces for intellectual discourse are all prioritized as Honors students prepare for their Senior thesis projects. Finally, our social media presence insures that educators and school counselors can provide access to students during the college search and application process. Below are the links to our various media platforms for your convenience. We encourage you to share these links with students interested in Bryant’s Honors Program. We hope that you will share with your students our distinguished Who’s Who Among Bryant Honors Students and Alumni. Also, please browse our Bryant Honors flyer for additional information about our program. Sincerely, Edinaldo Tebaldi, Professor of Economics Honors Program Director Susan Baran, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Honors Program Associate Director



Reading season is upon us and our counselors are excited to read your students' applications. While our Early Action I plan has passed, we would continue you to encourage your students to think about applying Early Action II if they haven't done so already. Both Early Action plans will provide students with receipt of a decision earlier, as well as priority consideration for merit scholarships. In fact, we process close to $170 million in scholarships, grants, loans and employment opportunities each year. We are proud to be recognized by Forbes Magazine as a 'Best Value College' - a distinction that speaks to our ability to provide a world-class education at an affordable price.

Education is truly an investment and at UMass Boston we want you to know that we are committed to your students; from the beginning steps of learning more about who we are as an institution, to making attending here a reality.

Learn more about our program offerings by attending any one of our upcoming events. We look forward to connecting with you! Thank you,

Sharon Gringeri Giroux Senior Associate Director The Freshman Team Aisha Virgo | Brian Gallagher | Michael O'Keefe | Timothy Ford

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