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You have probably heard of a few changes at Versan. Ms. Dyer is migrating, so a new teacher takes her place. Already on board, quite distinguished, lover of poetry and a taskmaster at teaching English, Mr. Noel Stennett takes her place, along with me, of course, so the transition is easier. Smoother, I might add. Also, our Montego Bay office continues in the same vein as the Kingston office, but they offer CXC and CAPE classes. What I marvel at is the introduction of Spanish, French and Mandarin classes. I think however Korean would have been a greater boon, what with the K-Pop culture. In addition, many of you know me to be a polyglot (nice SAT word), but this would wreak pandemonium on my time as administrative duties beckon. Some of you know that German is one of my many talents. Curiously enough, many of you aspiring to go to Germany for tertiary studies, realize that if you master the reading, writing and speaking of German - tertiary education would be free.

So, for those interested, sign up with the Jamaica German Society and Babbel online, you should with increased diligence get there within a year and a half. Strategic Versan planning....

Where Else in Europe?

We have students in Amsterdam, UK, Spain, Belgium, France.


Yes, likewise, Hong Kong

Latin America/Cuba?


South Africa?


See, no global difficulties for the Versan student.

Bone to pick with this Sunday group.

Where were you on Saturday past to do your 1 hour of class? We know this is the season of the pandemic, but life goes on. We must study, we must be devoted to the practice of SAT, our lives depend on it. Your scholarships depend on it. Some of you seem to be awaiting the outcome of the US elections. If Biden wins, are you ready for your test or not? If Trump wins, do you think your scholarship fades? Noo.....Wake up!!!

See you all next week. Do read the attachments below.




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