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Virtual Fairs

This is the time of year that many schools visit Jamaica. We would be at the airport picking up, dropping off, arranging group meetings at the office or at the Stella maris auditorium. We would be collecting brochures, pennants and all the tchotchkes that schools give to our students. We would meet all new representatives with the knowledge that they would take back with them our engaging students and cut a clean path to victory for acceptance to school next Fall.

Well, this is Covid 2020. So everything is practically done online. Schools are hosting their fairs and meetings online. So if you have been reading the blog astutely, you would know that we have been hosting a number of schools who would have been visiting Jamaica but cannot at this stage.

So read the letters they send and link into their pages where indicated. Do the virtual tours.


Mock exams are ready. So come on in and sit it. Then we will give each student a personalised score sheet that breaks down your wrong and right answers so you can evaluate how best to channel your strengths on exam day - this Saturday, October 3.


Show up at test centers one hour early. 7:45 is good/

Have your tickets, ID's with you.

No. 2 pencils and a good eraser.


Some stimulant to stay awake like coffee or glucose for the breaks.

Know which center you are at. Check your tickets.

ID;s cannot be outdated.

Ms. Bramwell is usually at the Priory center. So should you leave your tickets behind she can write a letter to get you in, but only at Priory.

Do not forget if your center is AISK, you go to Jamaica College instead.

Good luck guys! Call us and advise us how it all went....And finish those applications!








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