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COVID 19 and International Exams

So we have all been trying to live within the norm of the Covid 19 pandemic. A strange norm it is. As of March 2020, the SAT exam was cancelled. LSAT went online for Jamaica for the first time. GRE exams proceeded as well as GMAT as they had already been digitized. Students were refunded their fees for the march exam. They threw themselves back at the task of preparing for the October exam as the mighty College Board assured us, despite the pandemic that they were proceeding.

Pandemonium has set in again. Last week, we heard that Campion bailed out, cancelling their SAT sitting and refunding a few students. Interesting! American School of Kingston advised us to watch out and call a few days before the exam. We still have had no word from Priory aka Liberty High. St. Andrews said they are proceeding until further notice. This is particularly stressful for students who have been studying to hear that exams are postponed once again.


The good news with all of this harrowing news is that exam scores are not terribly required as most schools are extending the Early Action, Early Decision deadlines. Also, most schools will be looking at your application, essays, transcripts and resumes to make the final decision. This good news does not apply to LSAT, SSAT,GRE or GMAT. Fortunately, though SSAT is a paper-based test, so few students take that exam, thus cancelling the exam is not an issue. Fingers crossed!


What all these happenings infer is that applications now take front stage. So start pulling out all stops to complete those and make a good impression. Most schools have gone test optional for this Covid 19 year. With that in mind, let us give the applications more undiluted attention.


Do know that our classes for September to December have gone online for SAT and GMAT/GRE. I suspect LSAT will go that route. So should any of you continue till December's exam, please be aware of the change.


Montego bay returns with a bang at the Half Moon Village, Shop No. 18, Versan in partnership with lecturer Mrs. Upasana Samtani will reopen our doors. They have a distinctive edge in that they will not only offer SAT, SSAT and all our other courses, but they will also offer CXC and CAPE classes. We wish them Godspeed and welcome to the fold.

Let's go Versaners.

See you next week.


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