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Bonanza of Virtual College Fairs

This is a special blog. We have included advisories from several universities. Read through, sign on and join their tours. If you need more detailed information on the schools, just ask me.


These are going at a good clip. If not on board, get on now.

Exam Registration

For SAT:




Time to check deadlines and register.


Dear Sandra,

As many of your students begin their college application process, we wanted to share with you how they can learn more about Carnegie Mellon University's campus, academics and student life through our online visit opportunities. Prospective students can:

  • Explore our beautiful campus through the eyes of our Tartan Ambassadors on our Virtual Campus Tour.

  • Check out Carnegie Mellon’s common first-year on-campus housing options and ask questions about living on campus with our Virtual Residence Hall Tour.

  • Join our Tartan Ambassadors as they discuss what they’re studying, what they’re researching and how they’re enjoying student life during a Tartan Talk.

  • Learn more about our colleges and programs, admission process, financial aid and campus life in our hour-long Information Session.

  • Meet one-on-one with an admission counselor for a 20-30 minute Remote Counseling Session to ask any questions they have.

All online events are accessible by Zoom or phone, and students are welcome to invite you or their family to join them. If you or your students have questions or need any additional accommodations to attend these events, please contact our office at or at 412.268.2082. We hope your fall term is off to a great start! Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help support you or your students in any way. Best regards, Office of Admission


Sandra Bramwell, Once a month the Reed Admission and Financial Aid Office hosts unique virtual programming for high school students during our College Application Workshop Week. We asked and 422 students told us what they thought:

  • Sixty-eight percent rated our virtual event quality as Excellent.

  • Ninety-seven percent rated our virtual event quality as Excellent or Good.

  • Sixty-one percent rated our virtual event content as Very Helpful.

  • Ninety-five percent rated our virtual event content as Very Helpful or Helpful.

Now is the perfect time to jumpstart the college application process and starting with Reed is one of the best ways to do it!

Upcoming Virtual Sessions

Searching for colleges virtually can be confusing, so we are kicking off September's College Application Workshop Week on Monday, September 21 with a NEW SESSION about Finding Your College Through Virtual Events. You can also join us for two more NEW SESSIONS–Approaching College Financing as a Family and Is Early Decision Right for Me? Our core events, Writing Your Personal Statement, Navigating Selective College Admission, Case Study of a College Application, and Acing the Interview continue to be the most popular events. If you miss an event during the day, join us for an evening RECAP! - a shorter review of our most salient takeaways from earlier in the day.

Our Events In Your Own Words

Writing Your Personal Statement feedback from attendees:

"A lot of students are extremely stressed by this process, so having these classes to answer questions and give guidance is really reassuring. Thank you!!"

"Wow!! This seminar was truly the most profound and insightful seminar I've been to. I will forever treasure the lessons I have learned during the session."

"I just want to offer sincere thanks. My essay was done within the hour after the seminar. Can't wait for you to read it."

"I found the virtual event (Writing Your Personal Statement) to be highly informative, both in terms of writing effective college essays and in terms of the culture and lens of Reed. I appreciate Reed's focus on character, values, and everyday life rather than solely focusing on major accomplishments and events, and that prospective students are encouraged to write about those things."

Navigating Selective College Admission feedback from attendees:

"I think that the workshop was really insightful and also really fun! I have a great time and I hope to have more fun times in these workshops in the future!"

"The presenter was very funny and engaging all the while being informational. I really enjoyed this session!"

"I've been to several of your virtual events and several offered by other schools. The Reed Admissions team does a great job of keeping things welcoming, accessible, and encouraging. It is really appreciated."

"Reed has been instrumental in reducing the anxieties I had about the college application and admissions process."

Case Study of a College Application feedback from attendees:

"It was very helpful to learn from their perspectives and to know that admission counselors are trying to advocate for applicants whenever they can. Thank you!"

"I would love to see more content like this, about the admissions process or college preparation."

Acing the Interview feedback from attendees:

"I had a lot of fun at the event and I thought it was really helpful advice as to how to better understand exactly what an interview with a college is going to look like and what we should do to better prepare, as well as how we can help the admissions officers better understand who we are as a person!!!" "Thank you! I feel ready to interview with confidence." "I really enjoyed the insights, suggestions, and ideas shared."

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