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Reminders on Recklessness and Safety

The moral lesson to be learnt from the recklessness of the Bolt fiasco and the Covid pandemic, reminds me of the mad rush to the beaches in Florida by reckless teens. It is a spur of the moment thinking that young people who are bored out of their minds attempt to do, flouting all the rums and a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. The problem is there are consequences for such acts. I was warmed a few weeks ago by the photo of Bolt holding his newborn infant in his hands. How adorable, I thought. Then at this birthday party, I see Bolt, maskless, partner, maskless and the question is, what of the baby?

It appears no one wise was at that party. Not a mask in sight. Draw the parallel to a few mayors and politicians in St. Mary who attended a party held by Mayor Creary. Lo and behold, several were touched by Covid.

The morale of the story is: Not all rules are meant to be broken if they are....due consequences. Then I decided to run a parallel to your studies and upcoming SAT/GMAT/LSAT exams. You see, you cannot take any short cuts, there should be maximum focus to the rules, to study...any reckless under-doing will have a dire outcome. Heed and be aware.


Our students, though asked to sit apart, are still hobbling close and moving chairs close. That is a no no! If this disobedience continues, we will move classes online. The wearing of the masks in class are mandatory. I hear that students remove them at will. That is also a no no! Teachers have hand sanitizers, one has to be sanitized at all times. Warning: the lockdown may occur sooner than we think if you do not adhere to the rules. We may go online for the rest of the term.


Happy to see a few souls after our General Meeting. I see students starting their applications, doing their sports video, purchasing their diaries and doing the necessary requirements asked of them. Good. And they wear their masks for consultation. Good.

See you all next week.

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