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Last Saturday, we held our first General Meeting for students and parents. Goodness gracious, it was a full house. They listened keenly, took notes and learned a lot. Just a quick recap of items discussed:

1) Versan's history and offerings

2) Scholarships -Types

3) US resident or Jamaican National: How are scholarships obtained

4) Books required for Study

5) Consultations - Meaning and Impact

6) Approaches to Study

7) BLOG: Where and When

8) Q & A

Thanks for coming! Of course, everyone can now make their consultations by calling 7552187 and setting their appointments.

It is also time to register for one's exam.


SAT books are almost here! We know that DHL has received them and we are just awaiting delivery. So be alert. We know you are all ready to pounce. Keep checking in with the office.


Happy to see you all coming in. I do want to see the applications all completed by September 30. That means sport videos, essays, resumes, registration for exams, financial aid forms, all complete, done!

Love you all! See you next Wednesday!

Shakur Williams at SUNY:Albany

Justin Prince at University of Miami.

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