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"And Now They Fly OUT"

Justin left this past weekend, having received his student the airport. Many students are flying in early to satisfy the quarantine conditions. For incoming freshmen, it appears to be fine. They will purchase the room items, use during quarantine and then move into their pre-ordained dorms right after.

But what of those who were told to vacate their dorms and given 24 hour notice a few months ago? How they returned to Jamaica without anything from their dorms..The schools put their items in storage. have they fumigated it? When sophomores, juniors and seniors return, under quarantine conditions...they have to buy linen and foodstuff, once again, under these stringent conditions. Come on, universities, give these kids a break!


Let me advise you the students leaving with substantial fees to pay for tuition after your scholarships....please go after the RA positions which will assist in cutting off some of these fees left for your parents. Vie for the position. it is only given when you are in second year. Bonus, you get your own dorm room and room and board fees evaporate into thin air.


Please do not travel with too much. There is Walmart and Target to pick up sundry items. Go with as little as possible. We have a list here at the office. Come and get it. We can point out what the most salient pieces to travel with are....

What I am most concerned about is the airport and protecting yourself in the Covid era. Do remember to sport long sleeved items. Wear your mask. Have your wipes, a small bottle of sanitizer. Turn off the A/C above your seat. Try to not be crowded in your row, a seat apart..

Ensure you open a bank account from here, the BNS ones are good or you open one when you are there, immediately - one with good interest rate returns on your small investments.


There are student jobs when you get there, but under COVID, not sure how all will roll out. Watch and see.


I do like this outspoken Nigerian doctor. I like her formula: hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax Hold those names, Close to your chests. If any of my students get ill or contract this horrible disease while there, run to the pharmacist, get good doctor's advice and fire away. The Nugerian doctor's patients have not died and have overcome the virus. Wakanda!


Coming soon....and so are the books on route.

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