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"Whew....and the visas came...."

So Monday was the test trial. Our first batch of students faced the guillotine- the US embassy. We knew though the 45th had pulled back on the notion of international student deportation, that as unpredictable as these times were, we could expect any and every thing during the visa interviews.

Well, the good news...most got their visas, thus far...with just one being asked to return with supplemental materials. Not bad. It seems the most pressing issue is the class schedule and whether one's class schedule is hybrid or in class tutorials.

Our students will make it through...whew!

So, visa consultations are the name of the game. Once you have booked the date, please come in for a consultation.


Still en route...


In full session...but registration is still open. Come on down! Our Parent Meeting will ensue soon. Closer to the end of July, when exams have come to an end...At that point, we will convene...


Students, should your plans be to leave next year, your applications to colleges starts now! Essays, resumes, sports documentation, performing arts video, the work, the meetings begin now...

Make that appointment.

See you next week.

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