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"The International Student Battle"

So within one week, we are in a tizzy! We heard deportation, no F-1 visas, no physical classes, merely online classes...and it seemed that the 45th had not thought through this debacle. Tapping into a $48 million industry, it seems that the universities were about to buck the system...a war between the 45th and universities had been launched.

Now, I felt less shaken sending my students off, to bastions of intelligence ...My students need to be shrouded in cloaks of intelligence.

So the 45th rescinded this ban on international students. He backed down. More arsenal for a political power move.

The students were frantic. We had to appease those worried minds.


For those who just started classes, they remained undaunted. A good sign for the future.

Students, remain vigilant with the news. Have all documents ready. Ensure that you have met with us before your visa appointment.


Our shipment has not arrived. So those SAT, GMAT, LSAT books are still en route...


The Saturday SAT group because of size has been moved to Room 2. All else stands.

VISA Interviews

See me a day or two before your appointment.

See you next week.

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