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I knew this Presidency was going to be a volatile one. When interviewed four years ago on the Cliff Hughes radio programme, I was interviewed about the potential outcome of a Trump Presidency. I said it would be helter skelter. It seems my vision was right.

Now, when students are getting student visa appointments to go in for visas, the bangarang has begun.

Here is what we know as factual:

1)Students who remained in the States on campus or at home, should their current university, decide to opt for full online classes in 2020-2021, then they are to transfer to a school that has in class tutorials.

Deduction: Those on scholarship, will their scholarships convert? Or do they just go home to continue online classes at home with roughshod wifi systems globally or in Third World countries, how do we stack up?

2)Students leaving to start school, with visa appointments under their belts, must now ask whether their schools have converted to full online classes as Harvard has. If this is the case, students now have to complete their first year with online classes only.

DEDUCTION: Students will now have to request a new I-20 form that says whether it is online only. Thus the US embassy will not issue a visa until said notice.

3) Should students stay home to complete their studies, what about the cost of room and board for this semester?

DEDUCTION: Universities will lose financially as these fees have to be deducted.

4) COVID infections in the world has topped 3 million, the Bubonic plague due to the eating of the marmoset animal on the Mongolian plains, has launched another pandemic, far more deadlier than Covid.

DEDUCTION: World is in a frantic tailspin.

What do we make of all this? Stay informed. Hope the Americans do a complete 360 degree turn in elections come November, watch many surge towards Canada and the rest of the world, be prepared for home study....

As the world turns, let's be patient. Every day there is a new twist.


Classes started last Saturday and Sunday. Folks are still registering.


We are proud of our past alum, Brandon Burke, whom we assisted years ago to get into Brown University on an athletic scholarship. He completed his degree and then headed to the University of Toronto where he has subsequently been admitted to the Bar. Now he is the youngest executive admitted to the World Tennis Association for Women's Tennis Go Brandon...see article in Tuesday's Jamaica Observer Sports pages.

See you next week.

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