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It seems we are hit every week with some bad news. If we troll Facebook or Instagram, it is so debasing sight about race, or the mounting cases of Coronavirus in the USA, Let it be known that our brothers and sisters in Brazil are dying at a rapid rate. Just on cue, the heavens let loose the Saharan dust winds, and there went my allergies. The year 2020 seems on track with a bag of goodies from Pandora's Box. But we did have some good news, our own Derice Mckenzie made it to the finals of the School's Challenge Quiz team and won! His team had not had such a successful year last year. He was disturbed about that...and there you go....he persevered, sharpened his tools and headed back. Good going Derice! We needed that.....

There is a moral lesson in all of this. We unite, band together, persevere and come back stronger than ever. We can do this. No matter how many times we get knocked down, we must rise again.


Those who have their visa dates, give the Embassy some time before you try to get a new date. It is a wait and see game for the resumption of flights, dates, bookings, just be patient.


Some of you have come in and gotten your student loans approved. Those who do not know how, just ask us and we can roll out the knowledge mat for you. We have used these student loans for the last 16 years, so we love their interest rates of 4 %.


I like these millenial kids who blocked Trump's big rally and used technology to reserve seats, how about that, dude? Cowabunga! Keep hope alive. Amidst all the bad news...


There is more good news. Six of the eight Ivy League universities have made SAT's optional for admission next year.This is good news. Williams College has also joined them. I think that this has been what I have been waiting for for years. So many great kids whose fate will not be decided upon by a score but by the wholeness of an application. I have been waiting on this....


Sandra Bramwell - Rose

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