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The US Embassy is now at August 25. Booking appointments has become an ordeal. One has to use a debit card. The confusion is that many have to accept the late date....and then, try for an earlier date. The embassy has promised that they will open up the month of July.

Such an ordeal.

Students, please, when you come in for visa appointments, have your CD of pics and passport (take along the old passport if visa is in that expired passport), the acceptance letter, the I-20 form, and your debit card.

Remember the costs: Service Fee- US$350, VIsa Appointment, US $ 160, and processing fee: J$8000. All on a debit card, with a chip. No credit cards.


Universities are giving the students the option of staying home and doing the Fall term online or flying in for classes.

Should you take option 1 the universities will have to deduct the room and board costs. Should you take option 2, well, all those costs would remain on the I-20 form.


And yes, SAT exams will resume in October. So we will resume classes in July, social distancing in the classrooms, sanitisers at the doors, masks mandatory. Oh boy, welcome back to school under Covid 19!


JUST CALL THE OFFICE! smile....Ms Jones or Ms Samuda will assist.

See you next week. Peace to all races, peace to BLM, hello to police reforms and to a better world.

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