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"On Race and Scholarship..."

What a tumultuous week. From protesters, the death of Breanna and Mr. George Floyd, innumerable others, it seems America is unraveling. But as the great actor Will Smith has decreed, this has always happened, it is now being filmed. What is encouraging is that all colors are marching, the tides are turning in America, the social ill that the Chinese have typecasted America changing, for the better.

What do we do with this rage? We encourage many to vote. We encourage dialogue and awareness. We follow Bob Marley's mantra, "everywhere is war, when one man is superior and another, inferior, war....." I am not inciting rebellion, just mental awareness. So I am warning my students to be aware of SOUTHERN LAW POVERTY, subscribe, get a map from the site that shows where the KKK are at all times. This is needed if you are to get through the vicissitudes of hate in America and being educated as a young black human being.

Enough said, for now.


The embassy is now taking visa appointments. I have booked a few. There are changes. We now have to use a debit card (Visa or Mastercard), note, not a CREDIT CARD. The US embassy no longer takes credit cards. Ensure that it is a debit card.

You cannot see me until you have an I-20 form. With that we can proceed. Get your photos and CD image from Bryan's photo studio.

Take in the requisite fees on the debit card for the DS-160, the Service Fee and the visa appointment fee.

I will also need your passport, acceptance letter, image on CD to get started...


We have a list of items you will need for your dorms. It is available in the lobby. Start budgeting and planning. I am getting great questions from parents as to where to purchase some of the items. My suggestions are Target or Walmart..


My Whatsapp has been out of sorts and I have been unable to browse or text. Do not think I am ignoring you, but undergoing a technical difficulty nightmare.


I have seen three successfully passed, seen GO FUND me accounts win the question is, after much success in one year for accumulating $21000 plus in Go Fund contributions, who sustains this for the next three years? The Go Fund contributors? Hmmmm?

If using the loans, do remember, it establishes your credit in the country and the payback is so marginally low, to allow you to pay while working in college. Yes, you can work for 20 hours per week on a student visa.


Ensure your passports are not going to run out soon. That these documents possess a few years of longevity .....


We nominated two students for summer classes at Tufts University and each won a place at this prestigious institution. We want to herald Soleil Farquharson of Wolmer's fame who made it into the Pre-Med program as well as Samantha Lin who got into the International Relations program. A nice start to their resume building for college next year.

See you next week!

Congratulations to Gabrielle Rogers- from Princeton to Brown University

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