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Priya Moncrieffe - MIT

Guys, I forgot to mention the names of Sara Griffiths last week who made Georgetown Law School. Another name has evaded me, but she attended Princeton University, returned to Jamaica and we helped her get into Brown to do her Master's in Environmental Engineering.

Karishma Chatani -Cornell

It is called "getting old and losing memory....It gets worse. This list I am about to set up will have names, some in, some is a test. If you do not see your name, call in! If we do not have your name spelt correctly, call in...if you scored 1400 and up, send in your picture, we are preparing a huge full page spread in the paper as we are unable to have you all meet for your Farewell Ceremony( So watch this page...for all relevant details...

A birdie told me that the US embassy will open at the end of the month, so those going in for visas, please come to office, get your list and start preparing for your embassy visit. Your budget for visa fees is around US$500.

For those going to the Canadian embassy, you can start going online and fill out the required forms, then turn your passports in to the embassy.

Justin Prince- Univ of Miami

Seychelle Doyley- Harvard


Ayjha Brown: Barnard College, Emory University

Matthew Hugh: St. Mary's University, Dalhousie University

Camryn McDonald: University of Miami, WPI

Victoria Lewis: Ms. Hall's School

Antonio: Howard University

Shakur Williams: Univ of Albany, Lincoln, Florida Tech, USF, NYIT

Tjon: Hofstra, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Clarkson, Univ of Miami

Aaliyah Brown: Howard University, Univ of Miami, UNC Chapel Hill

Aaliyah Hibbert: Gonzaga, Whittier College, Fairleigh Dickinson, Oregon University

Aaliyah Peart: Cedar Crest, USF

Aashan: Williams College

Hailey McNair: William Peace University

Abigail Jackson: Howard University, Univ of Miami, Drexel

Alex Barclay:Manhattan College, Marymount, Florida Tech, Barry University, UCF

Alex Rennalls: Barry University, Salve Regina

David ramdeen: St. John's University, Arcadia

Ashley Ellis: Arizona State, Florida Tech, Univ of Miami, St. Leo's

Brianna Curtis; USM

Chelsea Stephens: Howard, SUNY: Plattsburgh

Daren Chin Young: St. Edward's University, Drake, USM

Daniel Smith: Bryant, FIT, Bentley

Darren Wood: Liberty University

Desarae Jackson: LIU

Esther Ngungu: Howard, Elmwood

Giselle Sang: Bucknell University

Imani Salmon: Hockaday School

Isabella Rizza: Univ of Mass-Amherst, Pine Manor, Lasell

Jamoy Hayles: Univ of Tampa, Flagler, Barry

Jenet Cai: Univ of Saskatchewan

Justin Mithell: Quinnipiac University

Justin Prince: Univ of Miami, Iowa State University

Kyle Smith: Illinois Institute of Technology

Leighton Less: Rice University

Seychelle Doyley: Harvard University

Paige Andrade: Suffolk University

Mary: George Washington, American University

Myra Green: Howard University

Nashay Martin: Houghton College

Phang Sang: Colby, Rollins, St. Leo, Univ of Colorado-Boulder

Priya Moncrieffe: MIT, Georgia Tech, Brown, Cornell

Robert de Roux: St. John's, Seton Hall, Hofstra

Russell Fairman: McCallie School, St. Stephen's Episcopal

Sabriya Shackleford: John Jay College, St. Leo, Benedict

Jonathan Lyn: Arizona State

Tryphosa Thompson: Hampton University, Kent State and several others

Young Campbell: Juniata College

Zoe Stephens: Otis College of Art, Savannah Collegeof Art and Design

Rowena: NYU

Aliyah Forsyth: Lincoln, St. Thomas University

Nikaylia Martin: USM, Illinois Institute of Technology

Karishma Chatani: Cornell University

Prabahar: Univ of Miami and WPI

Ms. Ximinies: Columbia University Teacher's College

Luther College High accepted 4 of our students: Cai, Liao and 2 others.

We have a student from Hillel, headed to Savannah College of Art and Design.

And you are our All STARS!

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