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Welcome back! To our John Adams, the great image maker of our blogs, to Pearce Smith at Hostra, our social media guy, to our students and parents, well-wishers...

We are usually in the throes of preparing for our Farewell Ceremony at UWI Gold Room (done so for the last 20 years), where those students leaving in August are heralded, feted, forearmed with vital knowledge needed for college immersion....

This blog will have to serve as the intermediary until they leave....counseling, advising and informing....


Versan did extremely well this year! From Harvard to law schools to scholarships. Yes, we are planning a major ad in The Jamaica Observer to congratulate you all. A spectacular year.

Here are the statistics where we excelled:

Law School Placements: 99%

College Placements : 89%

Graduate School : 80%

Boarding Schools : 60%

What is interesting is that the LSAT is the most difficult exam on the planet, but our students nailed it. Harvard Law, Georgetown Law, University of Florida Law, Duke Law, Columbia Law, Cornell Law, University of Michigan La.. We totally revelled in our successes. We thank the teachers: Stephens and Karenga for a great job executed.

Next week, we will focus on the SAT's.


One of the items for visa preparation is doing your required shots before take-off. There are many of you who had your shots from childhood. Question is, how many had the Rubella shot? The Meningitis shot? The latter is a hard one to come by...(most doctors in Jamaica fly upto purchase these shots for outgoing students. ( Difficult now.) It is a mandatory shot, unless your school says they will administer it when you arrive on campus. Check out on a list of things to do for the US embassy.


This blog stands with all the protesters against the racist killing of Aubrey Ahmad. Please donate anything you can give at this point to SOUTHERN LAW POVERTY CENTER, a group that fights against racism, who track down racists and get them behind bars and for restitution to families. They will also be the ones protecting your children, our students, while overseas. Also, they provide a map to students on where all KKK camps are, should one heedlessly drift through areas abroad.

See you next week.


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