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University of Southern Mississippi

Today, I arose at 5 in the morning to get to Montego Bay with our representative from USM, Mrs. Petra Marlin. She was up for the ride. We made it to 5 schools and back to Kingston by 6:30.

We visited:

Herbert Morrison High

Montego Bay High

Montego Bay Community College

Mount Alvernia

Cornwall College

All were eager to hear about this best buy university. So many questions. We want to extend a big thank you to all the guidance counselors and sixth form coordinators who facilitated our trip. Versan was back in our comfort zone, a city of brilliant kids, eager to know their career steps after VIth form.


Please note the schools registered thus far for the 15th. Do your due diligence research. The itinerary comes out tomorrow.

Schools coming:

Oregon Episcopal

Wayland Academy

The Hockaday School

I missed a few SSAT who did not make last Saturday's interview prep. Those who made it had delightful sessions. Try to get it done before the 15th.


Your deadline to register is Nov. 8. Hurry!

We are almost there......I have a few transcripts to upload and then I just need to Midyear reports at Xmas when those grades surface. Final reports are due in Easter....excepting those who have already left high school.

See you next Wednesday.


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