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ON OCTOBER 28STH AT 6 P.M., WE WILL HOST BENTLEY UNIVERSITY AT STElla Maris. The representative will be talking to us about the college process, the essay, what admissions profesan admissions professionals are searching for....I think it is worth your while to get those juicy details.

This Friday, Versan will be at Wolmer's Girls, the 5th form meeting. I should be amongst my sisters, Barrows House, if you please! We are looking forward....

SAT Results!

Whoopee! Excellent results, such a huge spread in the 1400 range, happy with the 1500's, ecstatic about the curve from 1100-1300. You go, Versaners!


You are next on the radar. Be careful. Do your due diligence prep and study your vocabulary. Prepare for your interviews by reading last week's tips on Interview Skills.

See you next week!

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