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The NACAC Week for College Counselors

This past weekend saw a flurry of activities at the Versan office. Saturday and Sunday saw a Marathon for those trying to complete college applications.

Impressed, I saw folks completing 20 applications in one weekend. Many pressed the Submit button. They made Mama Bear proud.

There are still the few trailing...not sure why the procrastination, but....fair warning time waits on no one.

Monday night, I worked till 9 pm as I would be away in Louisville Kentucky attending the College Fair. I hope to bring back uptodate info on the studying overseas process. We will see. I made sure to wear comfortable walking shoes so that I can cover enough booths.


September 29, we host the Financial Aid seminar at 3:30. All parents who are filing for financial aid must attend. Do not forget your notebooks, recorders, pens, pencils, et al.

At 5:30, parents for our summer cohort will leave and new parents will remain behind for their Parent's Meeting.


September 28, the Stella Maris Foundation has a function thus we will start class at 11 instead of 10. Just for this Saturday. Thus, we will start at 11, end at 2. Start at 2 and end at 5.


Thompson Rivers University will be visiting Jamaica on October 2. I may pop in at your school on his visit. We will also host an evening with him, location and setting to be announced. Do your investigation on the school.

See you next week.




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