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As my summer students are wrapping up preparations for their big day on October 5, I am pleasantly surprised to see that many are completing their essays, Commonapp, resumes and putting their small lives in order for college acceptances. Even the boarding school applicants are getting in gear. I am enthused about the progress. Some have sent off their athletic recruitment videos and are getting responses from coaches. This is progress. I need to let you all know that the NCAA registration is next. See me about that, athletes.

I am not physically well, all the time, but when I am, it is full speed ahead.

Those who are not creating the balance: sports, performing arts, extracurricular activities, academic studies (not in any order), STOP! You find that you cannot see me, find the time. I have noticed that when you do, the questions you ask me are so easily answered but many of you remain under clouds of misinformation and do the penultimate in procrastination. Get busy and come see me. Put some order into your lives before it is too late. Do remember the early bird catches the financial aid worm.

This is why we have the September 15 deadline, so we can complete applications and move onto the financial aid segment.


Welcome back! With my four book reports of are back in the swing of things. Summer has ended. Back to work. We have to do many things this Friday when you resume at 4 p.m. Stella Maris. We will start with the interview tips for your upcoming interviews with school representatives set to come in November.

Your dress code will be taught and your resumes done to order. See you then!


You have been making fair progress in GRE and LSAT. We the teachers have noticed. Essays and applications are being completed. Many are asking why so early? Need I repeat? The early bird.....

Congrats, graduate students. On we go...trips overseas are imminent.


I have hung around a bit to welcome the New Students for September and then I must be off to open the New York office. I should have completed the summer cohort's applications, so all those procrastinating, I am sorry should you get left behind.


Information session this Sunday 10 am at The Wexford Hotel.

Good work, Versaners, let us stay on schedule!

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