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This has been a bountiful year for acceptances, but a pitiful one for student visas. Students have had to try to redo applications, not once, but twice, thrice before they have been issued their visas. It appears that a snowball effect from reccent immigration issues is imminent and affecting erstwhile efforts here in jamaica.

Notwithstanding, we are happy for those who have gotten through and headed North. The Canadian embassy was far more efficient and no glitches in sight. Oh dear!

Congrats to our boys from Wolmer's: Peter John King at Clarkson who has maintained a steady 4.0 and is now a Teaching Assistant as a sophomore (unbelievable, as most graduate students are offered that position). So proud. His best friend, here at UWI, has been offered an internship in China for a year.....Go Versaners.


My recent foray into Mississippi was a culture shock. I shined up my bravura and steely nature to face the good ole South and was pleasantly surprised. I found a best buy in University of Southern Mississippi. A well-oiled machine that had excellent school spirit, a great science and health science department along with strong Business and Performing Arts department. The sports there is Division 1 level. Cost: $20,000 annually. Need I say more?

I will revisit the state to tour Ole Miss and University of Mississippi. Though this is a state in "red", nicer more welcoming folks you could not have found...and yes, the President is an African American to a campus that is 50% Black, 50% white.


We welcome Ms. Dyer to our team. She will be covering the SAT and SSAT/ACT classes.


Our summer group are going into the final stretch. Most, if not all, have registered for the October exam. Whoopee...for those who have not, we have until the 6th of September. Get to it. The new students will commence as of Sept 9. Their classes are Tuesdays 4-7, THursdays 4-7 or Sundays 10-1 or 1-4 p.m. Registration has been brisk.


A few schools will be coming our way. We will keep you posted as to when we have the evenings to host them and have parents and students in attendance.


All commonapps should be completed by September 15 for the summer cohort. Some are getting there...others, lost in translation?????

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