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Back to China!

The competition is real. China is now offering full scholarships for many areas of traditional majors. Have you seen the new highway that connects Pakistan and China? That Sweden’s greatest trading partner is now China, not USA? Oh dear. Mandarin is working its way up the global ladder.

Remember Face Time, Skype and WhatsApp in my absence. Hopefully, my medical leave will be short and sweet. Fingers crossed, hands in prayer. Ms. Mullings will be here as resident manager. Mr. Daniel Britton will continue to serve at the front desk. Mr. Navardo Walker is our main courier man, for parents who cannot make it to the office and need him to jog over to their offices for papers, payment et al. The road construction is still playing havoc with our phone lines. So rely on the cellphones at the office: 3834172 or 3.

MOBAY They have their $17 million dollar Montego Bay sign. The office also has a rising star in Ms. Brown. We also have a new Maths Teacher, Mr. Smith. The new February cohort is already enrolled for the May SAT exam. Finally, a solid Manager. Whoopee! ACCEPTANCES Ashleigh Onfroy - St. Thomas University Jaswani Evans - Curry College, Anna Maria College, Lynn University Kaleigh Chin - Lynn University Brittany Scott - Warren Wilson College Nicholas Black - Penn State Jonathan Law - Rensselaer Polytechnic Chloe Harrison - Rensselaer Polytechnic/WPI Daniel Robinson - Drexel Kyrssi Wedderburn - Bryant/Drake

SAT Registration I am happy, most everyone seems to know that the deadline is February 8 and that forms or online registration ought to be done. This is an upgrade in teen behavior and organization at Versan.

SSAT Another exam this Saturday. Go Young Davis! You will be fine….

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