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Yes, we grappled and lumbered into the New Year. We had to kickstart a new English Teacher(Ms. Karett Brown) in Mobay. We had to clear up backlogs of transcripts, review SAT scores, see to acceptances and congratulate or commiserate with some. We were ecstatic about our Ms. Stephens and Karenga, the results remain strong from the Kingston quarters.

I chose February to take leave because I do know at this time, most colleges will be reading files. The action for consultations will diminish to a slow haul whereas March will be very busy, back to tears of joy or sorrow.

I am still happy with the acceptances and scholarships some of you have been receiving. The path looks rosy. I also want to say that the time has come to apply to external scholarships, the resource book is in the office. Groan...more essays to write and timely delivery of the applications.


Each office administrator will be working with FaceTime or Skype to get to me for appointments. Whatsapp will also be another means of contact. Or email. I will advise both Ms. Brown and Mr. Britton when is a good time to contact me during the day.

The Parents Student Meeting is this Sunday in Kingston at Stella Maris Auditorium at 5 pm. In Montego Bay on Monday, at 5 pm.

I want to thank you all for a great term. It has been fun working with everyone. Here are the acceptances for the month of January thus far:


Davinia Russell : Purdue?Georgia Tech

Pearce Smith: Purdue University

Johnathan law: Purdue University

Tiandra Campbell: Jacksonville University

Alexander Yap: Exkerd/University of South Maine/Johnson and Wales/Salve Regina University

Dmitri Moore: Wayland Academy

Isabelle Yap: Boston University

TobyAnn Hemmings: FIT

Kato Sawada FIT

May they continue rolling in....


You can now sign in electronically for an appointment with Versan. The QR Code can be scanned into your phone and an appointment made.

Let us congratulate Jumar Francis who finally completed his applications. Whew!

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