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So we discovered on our website that the date for our Caribbean Fair had an incorrect date. Oh dear! Can you correct Mr. Techie John Adams? Thanks.

Schools have been traveling from Trinidad, to St. Lucia, to Barbados and now on to Jamaica. The logistics of keeping up with them, tiresome.

But as they go from island to island, we noticed momentum growing. Trinidad still remains the toughest island to crack. More work needed there.

I do believe that I have to move there to ride that wave. On a good note, the students in Jamaica are all agog and ready to get the interviews out of the way this Friday. The bus leaves at 8 a.m. and we all head towards Mobay. Students may change into their interview outfits at the hotel. The concierge, will show us to our room there for the interviews.

The bus will depart by 3:30 the latest and head back to Kingston. What a day! But one can sleep going down and back. For those who might miss the bus, it is one of the Kosmo Tour buses parked at Versan's office gate.

Do take along snacks, and some change to get lunch at the hotel. Be reminded, there is no cost for the bus.I have been asked by many parents whether there is a cost.


In Mobay, there will be a Marathon Math session led by the indomitable Dr. Paula Gunter on November 25, 2018 at the Versan Mobay Office. The session will run from 10-3 p.m., only giving a lunch break for half an hour. Cost is $5000 per student.


Speaking to 3rd formers today, I had a wonderful time engaging with the young ladies. Jamaica has a bright future. See you soon, ladies!


Stay tuned. Next week, we will have three schools, St. Thomas University, Huron at Western and St. Mary's University visit. The date and time will be forwarded through groupchat.

See you next week....


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