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The Caribbean Boarding School Fair 2018 Launches Tomorrow.

The Caribbean Boarding School Fair 2018 launches tomorrow. It commences in Trinidad, moves to St. Lucia, Barbados and finally in Jamaica.

Trinidad: Hyatt Regency Hotel November 9-11

St. Lucia: Bay Gardens Resort, Nov 12

Barbados: Courtyard Marriott, Nov. 14

Jamaica: Half Moon Hotel, Nov. 16

The participating schools are:

St. George’s School

Pickering College

Worcester Academy

The Solebury School

The Grier School

Rivermont Collegiate


Oregon Episcopal

Deerfield Academy

Wayland Academy

I want to thank my sister, Jean Bramwell Angus, for being the group leader with the US and Canadian high schools while allowing me to keep my feet grounded on Jamaican soil to keep consultancies going.

So, if I have been busy, now you know why. Organizing the logistics is like walking a tightrope.

I was happy with our Kingston PTA last Sunday night, most are catching up with running behind.


Please see me.


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