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"The Band Plays On...."

As the news in the world alarms everyday, I am grateful that October's results are out and we peaked at 1520. Not bad for three months preparation.

The better news is that we have our ED's and EA's have been submitted and/ or are close to being submitted. That is a record! Normally, I have students who lag behind and end up in Regular Decision.

I praise the top scorers who managed to balance Sixth Form and SAT....congrats. Your teachers are pleased.

Tomorrow, at 6, we host several universities. We also welcome our Mobay students who are coming up for the event. Safe journey.

Again, do remember with the office phones, road construction has affected our lines. Whatsapp us or text. Please!

SSAT Students

Your boarding school fair is rapidly approaching. The bus will leave Kingston at 8 am. Parents are invited. Students may walk with their outfits.

I spoke with Mobay SSAT students last year, this Saturday will be the Kingston students.


We are planning a PTA for new students, a call coming soon!


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