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So the long anticipated exam came and went. There were disgruntled cries about the timing of the exam at Priory (always watch and use the proctor's source of timing, in the future), the disorganization at St. Andrew's, but no noise from Campion and AISK.

I think that most found the double passage on the Verbal side tedious, some complained about Math, let's ride out this storm and see what the outcome is. We will see. Soon. Ahem!

On to round 2, the SAT II subject tests in November. Deadline to register was last Friday, however, one can still sign up for the waitlist and pay $1 now on credit card and ultimately, when and after the test, they will charge the remaining balance of $161 should you be doing 2 subject tests.


Yes guys, for those whose high schools do permit me to do your counselor forms, I still have not received most of the transcripts to complete. For those I have received, I promise, they will be done this week. I have been very busy!


Those going off to the multicultural trip to Oberlin High School, I do hope you are finalizing your details to go. Let me know.


Whew! Most of you have completed your ED and EA applications, I am thrilled.


Please remember the dates posted last week for visits by US universities to speak with Versan students.

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